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Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, Hanseberg operates daughter companies in markets such as Zambia, Zimbabwe or Niger. With more than 10 years experience in processing and trading of commodities, we are proud to have global teams working in best manner for our clients.

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August 2022


Commodity prices slumped as deteriorating
economic outlook and surging USD weigh on value of raw materials. Everything from copper to gold trading lower amid renewed resurgence in USD as traders price in a darkening global economic outlook. Material repricing clearly driven by weaker cyclical outlook Fed rate hike


Tantalite price maintain close to 100 USD/lb amid tight supply and increasing demand. Price assessment for tantalite, basis 25 pct min Ta2O5 has been increasing since December 2021 amid tight supply and strong demand with most recently calculated at USD 106 – 108 / lb


National Day holiday of China is approaching, and major battery companies completed the procurement of lead ingots, especially large-sized enterprises that had more demand for lead ingots due to fewer or no holidays. In October, newly-expanded capacity of secondary lead companies will be put into operation

„Es ist ein einzigartiges Gefühl, Land zu erblicken, das noch kein menschliches Auge zuvor gesehen hat.“

-Ernest Shackleton.

Battery Metal

As manganese sulphate not in short supply, pre-holiday stocking by precursor plants declined when compared with same period last year. Precursor plants mostly restocked under long-term contracts, with limited purchases from the spot market


Gold prices up as USD weakened.
Quarterly drop since 2021 on aggressive
monetary policy stance by central banks.
Trend of gold related to interest rates, and
aggressive shift in the monetary policy of
Federal Reserve and other central banks
have been a bearish catalyst for bullion

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