Offering a branded, standardized supply chain connecting sellers and buyers of biomass in the international market

Core services includes:

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One-Stop-Shop for the customer

Our customers derive from the following sectors:

  • Energy supply companies
  • Fibreboard industry
  • Paper manufacturer
  • DIY markets


In order to guarantee constant quantities supplied as well as stable prices, we collaborate closely with our commodity partners in Scandinavia, the Baltic, Brazil, Romania and Ukraine.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Wood chips
  • Wood pellets (ENplus A1 & ENplus A2)
  • Waste Wood (A1 & A2)
  • Round wood


Advantages for the customer:

  • Significant quantities available
  • We are in a position to offer the customer long-term supply agreements linked to stable prices
  • Reliability of supply (punctual, as we control the transport chain ourselves)
  • Reliable business partners/German supplier


Delivery terms: Port of importation or agreed place of delivery in importing country